Why Buy Estate?

Buy and Sell Estate Jewelry in Lansdale, PA
Estate is great! Most of the items in our cases are estate pieces. This means that they are unique, beautiful, and sold at a great price. Buying estate jewelry is not only kind to your wallet; it is also kind to the environment!


Many people do not realize the environmental ramifications of mining gold and other metals. For example, about 20 tons of waste are left behind after mining enough gold for ONE ring! Mining practices like “open-pit” mining and “heap leaching” are extremely harmful to the environment. Open-pit mining is the practice of blasting huge craters in the ground in order to get to the gold ore lying deep within the earth. Heap leaching is the practice of treating huge heaps of ore with cyanide, which bonds to the gold, making it easier to pick out. It is then sent to a mill to be separated again. What is left behind is a large pile of toxic cyanide and metals. Recycling gold and other metals helps reduce these practices and the toxic waste they leave behind. Buying estate jewelry also stops airborne gasses from being released during the jewelry casting process. During the casting process, the gold is heated to such a level that toxic fumes are released into the air. This is both hazardous to the jeweler and the environment.


We can all do a small part to protect our earth. We purchase estate jewelry, and you can buy estate jewelry from us. Everybody wins!

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