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Montgomeryville & Perkasie's Gold, Silver and Precious Stone Buyer

Dublin Jewelers - For over 35 years, we have been in the business of buying jewelry and items of interest.  We buy gold, silver, platinum, as well as loose gemstones.  Helping you get the money you deserve is a priority for us.  We've been in business for long enough to know that repeat business is good for business, so that's why when we buy gold in Perkasie and Montgomeryville PA, we'll offer a fair price.  When you have gold or jewelry to sell that is just lying around and that has been lying around for a while now, bring it in to us at Dublin Jewelers.  We offer cash for gold, platinum, silver, and your other jewelry items. Come get an offer on your jewelry and get paid today!

Jewelry Condition

Broken jewelry?  No problem, we will buy it anyway.  We buy broken jewelry, tarnished silver, precious gemstones, whether they are still intact in their jewelry casing or not.  At Dublin Jewelers, we are never too busy to look at what you bring in.  We pay top dollar, in cash, on the spot.  We will make you an offer on whatever you bring in, and we're not afraid of competition.  If you think you can find someone else to buy your gold and jewelry at a better price, feel free to shop around and come back anytime to hold us to our offer!  We're confident that we are the best jewelry buyer and cash for gold establishment around, so put us to the test!

Other Items We Buy

Aside from jewelry, we like to buy antiques, military antiques, estate pieces, artwork, and eclectic items of interest.  We also buy coins (mainly older American currency), but we are always willing to look at anything.

Our Philosophy / About Us

We exist to help people make their assets more liquid.  Some of our customers have had jewelry and other trinkets tucked away and forgotten about for years.  Some of the jewelry we buy from Perkasie and Montgomeryville customers has been kept by family members who have a hard time cleaning house.  When we began offering cash for gold, Montgomeryville PA and Perkasie PA residents quickly learned that they had someone who could help them turn in their dust-collecting jewelry into money in their pockets.  Stop by, and you'll learn why we have the reputation we do.

By Neill Breslin